Friday, February 08, 2008

WOW! My very first award! =)

Tristi gave me this award:

Hooray! Thank you so much! =)

And I'm meant to give this award to ten other people:

1. Ritsumei at Baby Steps because I so admire the way she teaches her little boy.

2. TC at Fish in my Hair because she's SOOOO dang funny. =)

3. Carrie at Keiser Family because she's amazing. I can't put it any better than that. I just read her blog and feel at home.

4. Candace Selima at Dream a little dream with me... because DANG that woman is SMART! She is incredibly politcally savvy as well as Spiritual and reading her blog is an education. I love and admire her love for her country. I have to say, being an American convert (in that I used to be English) and living in various different countries all over the world, it certainly gives you a different perspective on America. This IS the promised land. This IS a land of freedom and opportunity. And just like children who are born rich, it seems the children of America often don't realize how incredibly blessed they are to live here.

Like when we were living in Rochester Hills - our house wasn't tiny by any means, but many of my children's friends lived in these huge mansions, and my kids would come home and say "This house is so small." I'd be like "Ok, what PLANET are you living on? How about we take a look through the internet at some pictures of the REAL world and how people REALLY live, hmmm?"

Anyway, off my soapbox and onto....

5. Jimmie at One Child Policy Homeschool because of her amazing Charlotte Mason way of educating, and her wonderful pictures of China.

6. Goes to a wonderful blog which is private and so I'm not going to post it here....but just because it's private doesn't mean it doesn't deserve an award. =)

7. Goes to another private blog...kept private, I believe, because of the details of their adoption process. This blog makes my day because of the incredible faith and sacrifice of those involved. Her post on the costs of adoption is amazing....and she's not talking about money. To answer the question "How much does adoption cost?" she replies "For the child - EVERYTHING! Because in order to be adopted the child is an orphan...both parents have died." To answer the statement "This child is so lucky" she replies "Lucky? Um....he's an orphan in a children's home..." Incredible insight; I've never thought of it that way before. She does affirm, though, that adoption is God's way of taking care of His children, who have lost so much...bringing them into a family where they can be loved and cared for. =)

And I'm only giving 7 because Ben has been looking over my shoulder and asking me every minute for the past 15 if I'm done yet.....


Tristi Pinkston said...

You totally rock!

Come back and check it out.

Candace E. Salima said...

Thank you so much, Keeley. You've made my day!

carrie & troy keiser said...

Thanks a ton! I'm not sure I'm incredible.... but I appreciate the award! :)
I agree with you about Candace, I get an education every time I read her blog.
You read some amazing people's blogs! I think you totally agree that you deserve this award! :)

Holly said...

Neat award! Congratulations.

Keeley said...

You're welcome, Candace...and you make mine. =)

Um, yeah Carrie, you are incredible. You handle your many responsibilities with not only aplomb, but love and humour. It makes me want to be a better (less lazy =D) Mum.

Thank you, Holly! =)

TC said...

Thank you for the award! But I just can't figure why someone as classy as you reads a blog about underwear, a caffeine-holic, and suicide in Gap dressing rooms.

Ritsumei said...

Thanks so much Keeley - I was seriously tempted to give it back to you, but that seemed not quite right, you having just gotten it and all. But if it'd come from anyone else I would have tagged you!

Keeley said...

TC - my blog is classy? Wow! I always thought it was somewhat...well...incredibly boring, actually. =Þ

And I read your blog because it's BRILLIANT and REALLY FUNNY .. maybe because some of the things you blog about I've experienced...except the caffeine thing, obviously. =Þ

I really identified with the suicide in the gap dressing room. I'm so thrilled that my oldest is able to go shopping for herself and my younger ones are BOYS and therefore I can schlep that particular chore off onto my husband. =D

I get bored out of my brain shopping even for myself...and thus my clothes shopping strategy consists of waiting until all my clothes have holes in and are falling off me before I rush into (whatever store is nearest) and spend a couple of hideous hours buying whatever works and then rushing out thinking "Phew! That's all done for the next couple of years".

Bert says this strategy doesn't help the budget. He's right, but at least it helps my sanity. I hate shopping.

Furthermore, I hate talking on the phone. Anyone else here have that problem?

Thank you so much, Ritsumei! =) I had that same problem as I wanted to tag Tristi again. =D

Jimmie said...

Hi! Thanks a lot for the award! (In China, I can access Blogger via a proxy. It's not easy, but I can. But commenting is a bit harder. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I happen to be in Thailand right now. So no problem!) You are kind to consider me for this award! Blessings to you.

Keeley said...

Hey Jimmie, so glad you were able to leave a comment. =)

Ok, now I'm wondering why you're in Thailand...I'll have to go check out your blog... =) =)