Friday, February 15, 2008

Romney's integrity

I posted this as a comment over at Candace's blog. It summed up what I thought so well I'm posting it over here also.

I was totally shocked by Mitt's endorsement of McCain. Bert and I had a massive chat about it this morning.

Bert and I had differing opinions on it; Bert's basically being that Romney was being politically pragmatic and savvy.

After giving the matter some thought, mine is a totally different opinion. The guy quit the race because he LOVES AMERICA. He believes wholeheartedly that either Democratic candidate will totally ruin America. His whole modus operandi is to do what's best for AMERICA. Thus he doesn't really care what the polls think - he will do what he thinks is right no matter what. He could care less whether he gets popularity points - he'll just do what is right.

He sees that McCain is right now the Republican front runner. He knows the Democrats MUST NOT get into the white house - so he supports McCain as the only person on the Republican side who can possibly beat the Dems. He may totally dislike McCain....but the Dems must be kept out of the white house at all costs...and thus he endorsed McCain.

And if people believe he's selling out - that's their problem. He doesn't much care about that. All he cares about is doing what he believes is the RIGHT thing.

The Politically savvy thing to do, imho, is to leave McCain to hang and become the darling of the Conservatives. The Dems are going to get in the White House - that was obvious as soon as Romney dropped out. Therefore, Politically, Romney just needed to ride out the next four absolutely appalling Democratic years. The backlash against those hideous years would be huge, and Romney, as the Conservative darling, would be all set to snag the Republican nomination in the next election.

But he didn't do that.

He did what he thought would be the best for America - keeping the Dems out RIGHT NOW.

This is a man with great personal integrity.

I'm wondering how the media is spinning thing whole thing. I bet they're mad as fire, and it will be taken as Romney "flip-flopping" again. Except it's not. It's Romney being absolutely sure and steady - he's always been about what is best for America. And this is another move that shows this is what he believes is best for America - keeping the Democrats out.

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