Friday, November 02, 2007

Halloween 2007 and prewriting

I thought just for fun I'd stick in some photos of this Halloween season, cos it's fun. =)

Here's Bert and Drew with the punkamins

And this is Emily and Andrew (Ben didn't want to come to pick pumpkins and went to play with a friend instead:

Here are the Zollingers at the Trunk or Treat:

And Sister Montebello:

Kenz, who used to think I'm scary but now actually smiles at me and shakes my hand these days. =D He's getting cheeky though and might end up with a slaphead if he jumps out at me and yells again. =D

This is Victoria and Kelsey. I took pictures of Emily's friends because she was carving punkamins with Graham and Ashton and thus didn't attend Trunk or Treat.

Ben went dressed as a nerd. Imagine our surprise when Brother Cherry turned up in a matching costume. =D

Last Halloween photo. This is the family going trick or treating. This is probably the last year we'll all go together. *sniff*. As it was, Emily managed two houses and then went off to a halloween party at her friend's house. Oh well.

And last, but not least, some artwork by Andrew. I walked into the homeschool room and there was the clipboard, totally chalked all over, and Andrew's chalkboard not touched at all.

"Andrew," I said, "you use chalk on the chalkboard, ok?"
"No," he explained, "I did a B"

So I looked closely, and holy cow he did! We showed it to Ben and he pointed out to Andrew that it he'd actually drawn a d.

"Yes," clarified Andrew, "a B and two Ds" then pointing from left to right went "B, D and d"

Uhhhhhhh......I just about fell over. Bert commented, "Yeah, why wait until you're three to learn to write when you can do it at two?"

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carrie & troy keiser said...

Great pictures and I love the letters! yeah you go andrew! :-)