Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Family trees?

Ok, is there anyone else who finds this ad just a tad bit odd?

I mean...FAMILY trees? Huh? And what's with the one upside down. Not that I find the upside down one offensive, but it's just kinda BIZARRE. "Family" trees though...I mean, come ON! That's crazy!

Lowes and Home Depot are equidistant from our home, and in the past I've shopped at each store about equally. I guess that won't be happening in the future. I'll be heading on over to Home Depot and they're totally un-PC CHRISTMAS trees.


Anonymous said...

I agree - this is UNBELIEVABLE!!! IT's UNACCEPTABLE! Oh my God.

Keeley said...

Well, certainly unbelievable and really nuts...but a storm in a teacup as they apologized today. I'm hoping they pull the advertising of "family trees".

And I still don't know what the heck the weird upside down tree was.

Ritsumei said...

That is indeed ... ODD.

iZING said...

I guess I don't understand the significance or meaning behind the upside down tree.

One year at work my employees called me a grump and hung a tree upside down from the ceiling.

It really brightened my holiday.

Keeley said...

izing, ROFL! =D

Bah, humbug.