Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Tale of Two Mormons and verdicts that make me sick

So there's Harry Reid again. He's so embarrassing. Bert says to me "No-one is attacking Harry Reid for being a Mormon, probably because they can't believe he is one, he's so out there."

To which I reply, "It really shows the tolerance of conservatives that they have not used his religion against him, as the liberals are doing against Mitt Romney."

Bert added the conservative Christian element could really roast Harry, saying he's a cult member etc...but they don't.

How come everyone's freaked about Romney's Mormonism but not Reid's? Is it because Reid is politically correct and totally buys into their Gadianton Robberness?

The verdict forcing Brittney to give up her children tomorrow freaks me out. That whole situation freaks me out. If I had to give up my kids....oh gosh. I'm thinking about the kind of state I'd be in if I knew this was the last night my kids would be under my roof; if I knew my kids were going to live with a guy who had treated me like dirt, who was a male slut and who had behaved in the lowest manner. My gosh. There's screaming going on in my head thinking about it.

OTOH....come on!!!! Drugs and Alcohol??? That poor girl desperately needs some help! The nudity in front of the children thing...yeah, I grew up in England where that's no big deal at all so it doesn't bother me. Anyway, I pray that this will help her drag herself out of the hole and sort herself out. She always seemed like such a lovely lady. I pray she does that for her children. They need their Mummy to be responsible and take care of them.

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