Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Really great bread recipe

From the "Cookin' in Canton" recipe book made by the Relief Society of the Canton Ward.

Recipe submitted by Kimberly Murray - who is a WAY COOL lady.

Yummy Quick Wheat Bread.

5 1/2 cups hot water
2/3 cup oil
2/3 cup honey
1 Tbsp salt
12 to 14 cups wheat flour
3 Tbsp yeast

(I halved this recipe and made two loaves. The whole recipe will make 3 large loaves)

Warm oven to 150 deg
In a large electric mixing bowl (ie bosch or kitchen aid or whatever) whisk water, oil, honey and salt for 30 seconds.
Add 5 cups flour
Using dough hook (I ignored the "whisk" bit above and used the dough hook the whole time) mix until batter is smooth and cakelike.
Add yeast, run machine for 30 seconds.
Add 2 more cups flour. Add two more. make sure the flour is being incorporated.
Add 3 more cups flour.
(I added the five at first then dumped in 2 more after the yeast was in and called it good)
Turn on high speed for 5 mins. (My mixer has a "knead" button so I just pushed it. Love that button, though my mixer sounds like it's going to explode any minute.)
Grease bread pans with a little bit of oil.
Make 3 even dough balls.
Shape into loaf and place into pans.
Put in warm oven for 25 mins.
Turn oven up to 350f for 30 mins.
Tkae out of pans and place on cooling rack.
You may brush tops with butter, if wished.

This makes INSANELY good bread. Enjoy. =)


Ritsumei said...

Mmmmm... may have to try that, although I'd be doing it ALL by hand, as my bread maker died and I haven't got a big kitchen-aid type mixer. Gonna have to do something about one or the other of those problems one of these days. I've been hankering for good bread.

Keeley said...

I may be joining you in handmaking bread as my machine was making some really scary noises today; I was afraid to get too close to it incase it exploded. =D

There's something about making bread by hand. When you have the warm water and yeast in the big bowl and you kind of mix things up and then put in that beautiful soft floury goodness and stick your hands in and...mmmmmm. It's so beautiful and relaxing it's like meditation.

I hate kneading though. I have to set a timer and force myself to knead for an appropriate amount of time otherwise at 1 min 30 seconds I'm DONE. =D

Try this recipe! I can't believe how well it turned out. I was snacking on it all day. =D

iZING said...

I've taken over the bread making duties around our house during the past couple months.. and I'll definately try it. Probably this week.
Thanks for sharing.

Keeley said...

Hope you enjoy it. =) It's bread making day tomorrow so I'll be making some more - and praying my mixer doesn't totally die on me. =D