Saturday, August 04, 2007

Sisterly Affection

For those of you who don't know, I have two sisters. Nicola is 3 years older than me (and, incidentally, two days younger than my husband) and Caroline is 18 months younger than me.

Caroline, unfortunately, has endometriosis. Not just endometriosis, but ENDOMETRIOSIS. Several surgeons have declared it's one of the worst cases they've ever seen. I say several surgeons, because she's had several operations. A few years ago she had one that we hoped would eradicate the endometriosis - it was a pretty hefty operation.

Unfortunately, within a year the endometriosis returned with a vengence. Earlier this week Caroline went in for yet another operation. They began with a laparoscopy but immediately realized it was worse than they thought. They opened her wide up and removed:

Her right ovary
Her right fallopian tube
Her appendix
A large part of her colon
A large part of her bowel

My mother was there in the waiting room going insane because the operation went on a lot longer than was planned. They put Caroline in the ICU and when my Mum went in to see her she nearly passed out - tubes and wires everywhere.

This week has been (obviously) excruciating for Caroline. She is more with it now that they've turned off the morphine drip. She's up and about a bit, but not much. I believe they've moved her from ICU and she's scheduled to go home on Monday or Tuesday but may not return to work for eight weeks.

Meanwhile, my older sister, Nicola, has had her own health concerns which she has not previously told anyone about because of everything happening with Caroline. She had tingly, shocking "pins and needles" down her right arm. When it started being shocky/tingly in her face she got kind of freaked and went to the doctor, who sent her for an EKG.

The EKG chap sent her for an MRI.

The MRI chaps looked. And looked some more. Then gave her a shot and looked some more. Nicola was pretty freaked by this time. =( Poor thing! Then she had to wait for the results - and wait - and wait.

Finally, the nurse comes out and says all they found was an old scar on her brain.

PHEW!!! =) Nicola was really relieved as she knew exactly what that was. When she was three (just after I was born, actually) she fell of a climbing frame and whacked her head pretty badly and developed epilepsy.

The doctors presume that since for the past few years her epilepsy has been so under control - she hasn't had a fit for quite some time - her body is freaking out. SO they've upped her medication somewhat. She has to take her pills in the morning as well as in the evening, and the "pins and needles" have immediately ceased. Hooray! =)

Now we just have to hope that Caroline recovers well and the endometriosis doesn't return.

In honour of my poor sisters, I will post some scouse translations to make 'em smile. =)

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