Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Emily's PSAT

Oh, I forgot to mention, Emily scored very well on her PSAT. A 30 or something like that. Uh huh, yeah, we're kind of proud of that girl.
Ok, so what to waffle about....

Homeschool has settled into a routine. We get up, we work, Ben sasses, I take away tv/computer, he knuckles down and works really well and thus earns his media time back.

The house is a wreck.

Our schedule is as follows:

5.30am - family scripture study before Emily goes off to Seminary and school

5.45am - back to bed for Ben and I.

6.45am - up

7am - Breakfast

7.15am - chores. Laundry, dishes, general tidying up, etc etc.

8am - Morning work. This includes:
Scripture study
Logic. Logic consists of the Mind Benders book. We LOVE that thing so much that we zoomed through the first book in record time. I ordered the ENTIRE set from the website ($125. Ow) and immediately got stuck into the second book (A2) today, completing seven problems. OH it's SOOOOOO fun.

9am - Math. We complete one lesson a day. If it's an easy one we complete two, as we're 30 lessons "behind" at the moment. As much as anyone can be "behind" in homeschool. I'd like to finish the book at the end of May though, and thus according to that schedule, we're "behind."

10am - Language Arts. Consisting of:
Power Spelling. We complete one group a day although the book says we shouldn't. Whatever. It works for us. Ben's on Level E.
Grammar. Ben's working on 3/4 as he's not quite up to par on grammar. He's doing several pages a day though so he'll be on to 5/6 before the end of the school year.
Writing Strands: I managed to locate WS3. I like the programme, but Ben is SOOO not enjoying it. We'll finish the book and if he still hates it instead of going on to WS4, I'll most likely buy the Institute of Excellence writing programme. I really hope we don't have to do that though as it's $160. Holy cow.

11am - Reading. Consisting of:
30 mins assigned reading - this is usually the history reading for the day. ie, last week it was
Augustus Caesar's World, Mystery of the Roman Ransom and The Trojan War. (We finished the Trojan War last week before we were meant to because we HATED it. What a hideous story from start to finish. )
30 mins free reading. That doesn't mean comics, it means real books. Last week it was Eragon. He ADORED that book - so much so that he was bitterly disappointed when he went to see the film on Friday.

Noon - Lunch and break ie walk outside or go to the park or bike ride or something OUTSIDE.

1pm On Mondays and Tuesdays, history. We complete any history reading and timeline/map assignments. On Wednesdays and Thursdays it's science.

2.15pm - Art and Music appreciation. We listen to classical music while Ben completes a lesson in "How Great Thou Art."

2.45pm - Guitar practice

3pm - Japanese

3.30pm - Homework/chores. Of course, Ben never has homework. =D So we just pick up the house.

4pm - media time.

On Wednesdays homeschool ends at 2pm as he has guitar. On Thursdays (in clement weather) we go to the park by about 3pm as the homeschoolers hang out there. Fridays are our "easy" days. we do "real world" math (ie he helps me balance my account), or play math games or listen to books on tape or work on Faith in God or do fun experiments or go to the library or go on a field trip or read or whatever. It's a good day. =)

At the moment Ben is banned from any media until Christmas Day as he really yelled at me in anger. That wasn't a good move, was it? Act in haste, repent at leisure.

The house is a wreck. Hopefully it will be nice and tidy before Christmas haha.