Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Ben is currently having a fit. I sent him to his room. We're learning how to multiply fractions; he did REALLY well with the first section, but then it came to the story problems which are the bane of his life. He hates them and his brain goes into overload and he simply can't figure out what he's meant to do. I remember that panicky feeling. It's not fun.

However, it's not ok for him to talk to me as he was - thus, room. He also lost 45 minutes of tv/computer time, so no doubt he's totally freaking out up there. Oh well, he'll calm down. And then we'll do the story problems.

OTOH, if he's freaking out so much he damages something - as he occasionally does - I will be very very angry.

And he's just woken Andrew up. Super.

(Several hours later)

Well, we just barely got through math and by that time Andrew was awake, it was time for lunch, and then we went to VOTE! =)

What a great thing it was to take Ben along. He came in with me and pushed all the buttons which gave him the feeling that HE voted. =) He enjoyed it. I voted predictably. I also voted gratefully. What a marvellous thing it is to have the freedom we have in this country. Living in a Republic ROCKS.

Then we went to Krispy Kreme because they were giving out free doughnuts to voters. Hooray! Then we went to Cracker Barrel, which was right next door, looked around the store and then decided to have some hot chocolate and biscuits.

After this decadence we went to the local Christian store and perused the homeschool books. It was great fun! =) I wanted to buy......

"Writing Strands 3" - but they didn't have one; only 2, 4 and 7.

"A Charlotte Mason Companion"

"Grammar Songs"

Ruth Beechick's "You can teach your child successfully"

But was on a budget, so ended up purchasing only "Easy Grammar grades 3 and 4" (That's about the level Ben is on which is rather depressing. However, even more depressing this is the level I'm also on. Bummer.)

Then we went to Macdonalds for dinner.

Tonight it's the homeschool Mom's meeting at the Cocoa Tree (HOT CHOCOLATE!!!).

Thus, today I've completely blown my budget out of the water. Sucks.

However, it's been a MUCH better this afternoon than morning. Hopefully tomorrow will be a much better day.