Sunday, April 30, 2006


It's 10.30pm and I'm starving. What's with that?

It's been a stressful couple of days. We're still sorting out the basement. Goodness knows how we're going to get the rest of the house ready in time before Bert leaves.

Speaking of Bert leaving, I'm SO not looking forward to it. I'm not cut out to be a single Mum and I'm very unhappy about the whole deal. I've been pretty much depressed all day.

The kids have been totally backchatting me and Bert's the only one keeping them in line. How the heck am I going to cope without him?

Ok, I just want to cry now.

It's a bummer when one has a craving for Cold Stone Creamery and it's the Sabbath Day....

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Resolution of one question leads to a million others....

The children got fed up of the stress. However, they dealt with it in a much more sensible fashion than myself. Ben gave Bert a deadline of today to make up his mind. Yesterday they told Bert to just get on with it and accept the offer already.

It must have been what Bert wanted to do anyway as he called Nissan and accepted their offer. Then this morning he went into VW and quit.

He's been home all afternoon. We went out for sushi and later this evening we're going out for Cold Stone Creamery. Yum yum. =) It's been really fantastic having him here.

We have two weeks to get the house ready to sell. Bert starts work in LA on the 15th May so will probably leave here on the 13th.

I now need to make a decision. Do I pull the children out of school early and go to LA with Bert? Do I pull Ben out early and go to LA with Bert and Emily stays here to finish the year? (Ben's school were totally accomodating when I asked them if Ben could leave early; Emily's school was not.) Do I stay here and let both children finish up the school year?

The school has been working on Ben about homeschooling next year. After the Principal of the local middle school came to see them on Tuesday Ben came home and announced he didn't want to homeschool next year after all.

I thought "Oh, the principal must have talked about some really interesting classes" so I asked Ben about them. It turns out Ben wants to go to middle school because he gets his own locker and they have vending machines for pop.

I said "Ben, we can get you your own locker here if you want one, and you're not having pop anyway! We don't do pop every single day. Special treats, yes. Every day? No."

It makes me sick that the darn middle school principal was pushing substances that make our kids sick and add to the growing obesity epidemic! AGHHH! I also noticed on the list of classes that Ben could take that Phys Ed wasn't offered at all next year. Super. What a great combination.

This, combined with Ben's insistence that he doesn't want to attend any end-0f-year parties or "stupid graduation" makes me want to pull him out early.

I don't know. I'm completely undecided.

But in any case, at least one source of stress is gone; we do now know that we're moving to Tennessee.

Wanderer in a Strange Land indeed.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Emily was sick today. She woke up early this morning with a horrid sore throat and asked if she could sleep in; I think she was pretty zonked out on whatever she took last night. scripture reading this morning which was fine with me because I was soooo tired and am still battling a headache.

I must be really stressed out because I've been attacked by headaches alot just lately.

So, Andrew was up at 8am, Bert took Ben to school. I fed Andrew, checked my mail, bathed Andrew, showered myself and by that time it was 9.45am. Emily drove to school and then Andrew and I went to the library. Andrw was SO fussy there but I just ignored it for a couple of minutes, rolling the stroller back and forth in a soothing manner and lo and behold he fell asleep! Go figure! I took advantage of this and sat there reading homeschool magazines. =)

It's such a bummer that the library won't lend magazines out. It means I can't usually read them as Andrew won't sit still that long. So I got to read them today and they were kind of boring. Go figure.

Books I checked out from the library:

E.D. Hirsch Jr - what your 6th grader needs to know.
I'm considering building a curriculum around this book as packaged homeschool curriculums cost a BOMB. However, maybe that's not the right thing to do when one first starts homeschooling. Perhaps it would be best if I just suck it up and shell out the money this first year until I figure out what we need to be doing.

Joey Green - the Mad Scientist Handbook.
Has ALL kinds of great experiements that I think Ben will have a blast with. =) I've just realized it says "For children age 13 and older". That will make Ben feel very smart. He's already told me he wants to do an accelerated curriculum because then he'll be ahead of his old classmates and feel smart.

Annabel Karme - The Healthy Baby Meal Planner.
I figure it's time to sort that out because although I feed Andrew lots of veggies and fruits and rice and lentils etc, I also give him chocolate.

Annabel Karmel - First Meals.
Just realized the two books are by the same author.

Dede Hall - The Starving Student's Vegetarian Cookbook.
When Bert and I first married I bought the college student's cookbook or something. It was perfect for me as I had NO idea how to cook. I can't find it anymore and I think I might have given it to a friend of mine who was going on a Mission. Kind of me, but I miss it. Bummer.

PS2 game - Escape from Monkey Island
For the Benjamite. =)

Andrew woke up and that put an end to our library excursion. I was starving and on a whim took Andrew to the local English Tea shop for lunch. I've been meaning to go for years and finally got around to it. I shouldn't have bothered. Cost me $10.50 for bangers, mash and beans. They also put PEAS on the plate which was weird and the bangers weren't real English sausages and were far too spicy. Pricey and not mediocre. Bummer

After that we trundled across the street to the "Halfway Down The Stairs" bookshop. I'd been meaning to go in there for ages and finally got around to it - I'm doing well on my Flylady Anti-Procrastination day =D - it was fun but expensive. Andrew LOVED the finger puppet book and the fake fire. =)

And now we're home. Need to pick up Emily in a few minutes. The house is still a wreck. Darn. Where's the Heinselmenchen when you need them?

Nissan still hasn't contacted Bert. The stress of not knowing is killing me.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The family at Christmas! =) Man, what a fine looking bunch.

worry worry worry.

Inspired by the Miller Family's brilliant blog I thought I'd try one of my own.

Frankly, it all looks very familiar and I'm wondering if I haven't created one already and then forgot about it. This would be about par for the course for me.

I have a journal at and I've had it for years so why the sudden desire to NOT have it anymore. I don't know. And that about sums my whole personality up. Often don't think through things, just go with it cos I fancy it or it feels right - but it's often illogical. Can you imagine how my kids feel?

I just took a gander at my livejournal journal. Awwww, those pictures are so cute! Emily looks just gorgeous in them too. Here's the url:

Several things happening in my life that I need to think about:

1. We could be moving. This is a big worry.
2. Ben wants to be homeschooled. Ok, any adivce anyone can give me on a curriculum would be fantastic. I'm leaning towards Sonlight, but could also go with Great Books Academy or Abeka. Alternatively, I could just go the Accelerated Achievement route and supplement - but I'm scared about doing that my first year. Ben wants it to be "just like school" only I do the teaching. I think he's going to be a tad disappointed.... =D
3. My house is in a bad way, nowhere near sell-ready and I have no motivation whatsoever to clean it up.
4. I need to lose weight but like chocolate too much.

It's 1pm and nothing's been done except the dishes. And the feeding of the baby. It's depressing, i tell you.