Friday, June 09, 2006

here we go....

Ok, so Emily called me a bitch and was openly defiant: "No, I'm not going to do it. What are you going to do, make me?" It was not good.

I'm beginning to get irritated with Andrew chewing his food and then spitting it out and grinding it in his clothes rather than swallowing it.

Bert was not very nice on the phone yesterday. I really didn't need that. After a while of being apart it's hard to imagine being together again and frankly, after the couple of nasty little digs on the phone I'm not sure I want to be right now. The only advantage I can think of at the moment is Emily listens to him and he can clean up Andrew.

That's not very nice really. Let's you know what kind of person I am, eh?

Ahhhh, stress.......

Meanwhile, our house hasn't sold, but we're going to TN next week to buy another one. Tomorrow everything starts in earnest.

First we go to TN for five days
We'll come back to MI for less than 24 hours to do laundry and pack to go to CA.
Then we'll be in a 2-bed apartment for five weeks
Then we'll come back here and pack up all our belongings which will be put in storage for 60 days.
Then we'll drive to Nashville and live in a 2-bed apartment until our new home is ready to move in to.
Then we'll FINALLY move in, somewhere around the end of August.
Hopefully our home here will have sold by that time.

I think we're going to kill each other. =( I'm so not looking forward to this summer at all.

So....catch you in August.....maybe I'll be posting that it's not as bad as I thought it would be? =)


Jason said...

i still think you're beautiful. i have a new piano piece for you to listen to, if you're interested....

Keeley said...

HA! Jason! =) Oh my goodness, how wonderful to hear from you. How are you doing?

I think you're nuts for thinking I'm beautiful - I don't feel beautiful. But it's nice to hear that people think I am so say on, say on... =)

Yes, I'm interested! =)